"We were not lovers, we were love." - Jeanette Winterson, Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?

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"I am heaven sent, don’t you dare forget." - brand new

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"love a girl with fire in her eyes.
a girl who walks on burning coals,
dragons coiled ‘round her waist
and hot blood beneath her skin.
she dances atop candles, smoke
billowing from her mouth with every
kiss. love a girl who burns.

love a girl with ice in her lungs.
a girl with frozen claws and
eyes so blue they pierce even the
warmest of days. hold her hand
until your teeth chatter and when
her kiss turns your lips blue,
kiss her harder; love the girl
who was born from a glacier.

love a girl built of ash and rosemary.
a girl who leaves flowers in her wake
and ivy writhing just beneath her skin.
her hair is a curtain of leaves
and thorns and her skin tastes
like rainwater and thyme and
when you fuck, the earth shakes.
love a girl who keeps you in the jungle.

love a girl who walks on air.
with windswept hair and silken wings
who sings and flies with birds. when
you see her your stomach swoops and
her kiss is like pure oxygen, heady and
overwhelming. love a girl who rides the winds.

but do not love a girl you build from stone.
bite and chisel from marble and tell her,
“you are everything.” even stone decays.
to build her up is to break her down
because wildness should be warily tamed.
free her from the oven, from your hammer,
and watch her float away."
- to love a girl, R.K.

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